Beaters or Tippers

Beaters or tippers as they are sometimes known by, are made by Paul and there are a variety of different styles and weights of woods to be used and experimented with.  Some of the exotic woods are very difficult to source, hence the price reflect the choice of woods used.   Some players prefer different weights so its usually a case of trial in order to get the right one for each player.  If you have a particular design and can email Paul with the style he will try and reproduce the beater of your choice.


Tuner for Tuneable bodhrans
Tuner for Tuneable bodhrans



A ( 1,000 Thank You`s ) my Drum showed up yesterday it was far beyond what I could have ever hoped for. I was very impressed with the quality of the drum as well as the design that I had asked to have put on the drum it looked like a professional had painted it. You really have a Great Product and that's all due to the passion that the people involved with making it have for there work. I cant wait to show it off and start playing it I may destroy some Irish classics while im learning but i`ll get better with time. I hope to be able to send some business your way while showing the drum off and Thank You again for the unbelievable drum and service you have given me. Happy Saint Patrick's Day to all