Beater or Tipper (No 1 to No 6)

Beaters or Tippers

Price: £8.00

These beaters are all priced at £8.00 each.  Beater are made in a variety of sizes and different woods will produce very different sounds.  We try and experiment with a variety of woods so if you have a favourite size, or design let us know and we will try to reproduce your specific design.  


These beaters are numbered 1 to 6  -  select a beater number you want and  email us with your prefered style and we will make it for you



Padded Bodhran Carrying Bag I am loving my bodhran! I am practicing and it is coming SLOWLY - I am not a fast learner! It’s when I try to pick up the pace I go to pieces, scratching and banging away! I haven't treated the skin yet as I am a bit scared to.....but it does feel very taught and dry. Please can you advise if I need to treat it and what is the best way? I keep the drum in the lounge with my fiddle - so there's central heating and an open fire during these cold months.