Glencloy 15" with a 6" rim - Natural Birch Finish

All tuneable bodhrans are made from start to finish by Paul and care is taken to ensure the perfect bodhran is the end product.  This bodhran shows the lighter finish natural Birch rim so if you want to get a different rim finish just contact us direct.  Basically we have 3 different wood finishes - Ebony, Mahogany and the Medium Oak.

Our bodhrans have 6 tuners and the skin can be hand picked to suit the individuals choice ie light to heavy skin - the skins we use are all goat skin and some are sourced from the local Lambeg drum makers.  A single-bar can be fitted and again this is totally removable if preferred.

Please Note:  We use Natural Goat Skin and therefore the skins vary in density and texture, some may be quite see-through and others have small markings - these are all natural and do not affect the quality of the skin.  (The white skins are processed and mainly supplied from abroad)

When placing an order please confirm via separate email  if you want a bar fitted -  otherwise your order will be completed "without a bar" 

All bodhrans come with a beater and also a wooden handle turned tuner.

A bag is a good idea for both storage and also for taking to gigs or lessons.  Contact Paul for more details



Thank you for doing such a lovely job on the bodhran! This is such a unique gift that I can't wait to give it.