Glenariffe 15" bespoke for different individuals

These bodhrans were comissioned for Pauls first cousin now living abroad.  All our bodhrans are made and prefected by Paul.  He spends a lot of time on each bodhran and wants to produce the perfect bodhran for each player.  The quality of skin ie light weight, medium weight or heavy weight skins can be requested.  Again the rim colour can be negotiated with Paul but basically there are 3 different colours, - ebony, medium oak and mahony - the most popular being the ebony.  The Glenariffe 15" is fitted with a single-bar.   All tuneable and indeed fixed skins bodhrans come complete with one beater and our tuneables also have a unique tuner which has a wooden hand-turned handle.


Bags are optional and for a small cost they are excellent for storage or for taking to gigs or sessions and most are also lockabe.  

Tuneables usually do not have a design but again if a small design is wanted contact Paul for advise.



: Hi Paul,Imelda. My Bodhran arrived last Saturday and all i can say is thanks, its great. I have wanted one for years now i have retired from Pipe Bands its practice practice with the Bodhran. All the best folks and once again Paul its a great job. Andrew