Another Version of the famous Ould Lammas Fair Poem

The Lammas Fair



It’s Tuesday late in August with Autumn on the way

As Ballycastle wakens to greet another day

But today is rather special, feeling the magic in the air

The wild anticipation for today’s The Lammas Fair


The stalls are getting ready now, putting goods out on display

And the cattle trucks are grinding, way down the Tanyard Brae

See the cars, the vans and tractors, bus loads from everywhere

They come here in their thousands for every Lammas Fair


Let me see who’s in The Diamond, have they come here in the past

There’s the rope man and the delph man and wee Jeannie from Belfast

They offer dulse and yellow man, an apple or a pear

The wasps are in their glory, as they enjoy The Lammas Fair


The woman search for bargains while the men go for a beer

Several boats from Rathlin now are landing at the pier

The Salvation Army music plays, the people stand and stare

They’ve come to save the sinners’ soul here at The Lammas Fair


The sun is hot the sea is blue there are children on the sand

And an ice-cream queue for a mile or two at the café called The Strand

Candy floss and paper haats and swing boats in the air

Are full of yelling youngsters, how they love The Lammas Fair


Now this lovely day has passed away the sheep and cattle sold

And Mary Anne has got her man as she did in days of old

The young folks slowly amble home in close and loving pairs

Many happiness surround them, for many Lammas Fairs.


Author – Unknown

October 2013



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I am writing to say how pleased I am with my bodhran that you sent to me just before you left for Australia. When it arrived in January all I could do was a couple of quick, light strokes just to hear how the skin sounded. However, I was really pleased as soon as I opened the box. The quality of my bodhran is fantastic. Every part of it is smooth to the touch and just to handle it gives me such pleasure. I'm thrilled with the skin tone which is already rich and mellow. I'm so looking forward to being able to really explore its potential when my elbow permits. Thank you so much for discussing my purchase on the telephone, and the trouble and care you took over my bodhran. I'm so pleased I chose you to make it for me. I would recommend you, without hesitation, to anybody else that was considering buying a bodhran. Yours sincerely, Deborah Amor