Tuneable Range 15

All our bodhráns are made from start to finish by Paul McAuley who prides himself in producing a bodhrán which will give joy and music for many years to come. The skins we source come from the goat although we can sometimes be lucky enough to obtain skins from our local Lambeg maker (these skins t are too small for the Lambeg makers so we are lucky enough to be able to source them). Please Note: We only use Natural Goat Skin and therefore the skins vary in density and texture, some may be quite see-through and others have small markings - these are all natural and do not affect the quality of the skin. (The white skins are processed and mainly supplied from abroad). All our tuneables come with a hand turned tuner, turned by Paul. We also offer one standard beater free of charge with each bodhran purchased. A bag is a good idea for storage or taking your bodhrán to a gig or session. Check the availability and correct size of bags before ordering as these are a popular item. Paul and Imelda McAuley

15" with various rims - Please ask for more details from Paul via an email. Thank you

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